Monday, April 9, 2012

Said it better

 A few notes by EC in an interview about his new release titled Clapton.  EC talks about his influences and they are not surprisingly new, but incredibly poignant.  Each of us has something we want to share with the world, and in a fast paced moving society that is easily distracted, we would do better not to forget our roots.

When I listen to old time music I get the nostalgia and I kind of like it.  The themes of the music were different in the past than today, obvious statement, however what can we say about that that has not been said, that the past was better than today because girls weren't kissing girls, well I think they were, but they had the couth to not advertise it like a bunch of nose pickers. I still get a bigger kick out of watching the Woody Allen Movie Midnight in Paris or the thought provoking imagery of Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii over the saccharinity of the day.  

One of my favorite artist of the day is Joe Bonamassa, who doesn't have a single hit, but he's out there and I am grateful that people support his bad ass music because he has refined it to an art and is keeping the flame alive for those that enjoy the blues and rock/roll and Jazz, to go even further Joe has a song that shares some Django themes.  I was at a dinner party sometime ago and everyone expounded on their lack of knowledge that this is still alive.  I deem that is because the music that is topping the charts now is designed especially for those people.  

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