Friday, April 6, 2012

40 to 1

First, the method for this blog page will be picking one of my favorite artist's youtube videos and giving a little feedback on em--hopefully something relevant.  Second, the title of this blog is 40 to 1 because I can think of 40 good things about Clapton to every one that I would change, just saying the guitar snobs out there who believe he is no good should just pass on this blog.

I believe Bell Bottom Blues was written by EC and Bobby Whitlock, 2 of the members of Derek and the Dominos--an amazing amazing ensemble of talent and rock power, still searching for the modern day equivalent  .

I really like the singing in this video.  Clapton's timing and blues rock phrasing is always perfect.  I've listened to much rock music over the years and when all the bands boil down to the same "look at me I'm a star" BS, Clapton delivers a musical performance every time.

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